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Education in Great Britain is compulsory from 5-16 years. Children start primary school at 5 and continue until 11. Most children are thought together, boys and girls in the same class. At 11 most pupils go to secondary school called comprehensives wich accept a wide range of children from all backgrounds and religious and ethnic groups. At 16 pupils take a national exam called "GCSE" ( General Certificate of Secondary Education) and then they can leave school if they wish. This is the end of compulsory education. Some 16-years-old continue their studies in the six form at school or at a sixth form college. The sixth form prepare pupils for a national exam called "A" level (advanced level) at 18. You need "A" level to enter a university. Other 16-years-olds choose to go to a college of futher education to study for more practical (vocation) diplomas. University and college of higher education accept students with "A" level from 18.
Это сочинение давала мне учительница, думаю здесь всё верно.)