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In spring nature awakens from its winter sleep. Gradually the snow melts, and the earth for long stays black and bare. As soon as the warm everywhere begins to break a young, bright-green grass, trees and buds swell and later turned into a small leaves. On the reservoirs of ice melts quickly. Ice rocking on the water, until it turns into her. Spring sky is generally clean, blue, and it quickly drift of snow-white clouds, like animals - lion, turtle, different things, even the faces of the people.

Then begins the real beauty. Everywhere flowers - snowdrops, violets, dandelions... Spring garden is a magical place! In small fragrant flowers are trees, until it seems that they are wrapped in light odorous fog. Especially I like when they are flowering peaches and pears - their flowers are pink, and they are distinguished among the other trees. Everywhere hear the singing and the chirping of birds returning from distant lands and now seem to tell each other about their adventures. In spring all around filled with colours, sounds, smells, and I get fun in mind.

Spring in the city always starts with clean streets, plant young trees and break the flower beds in parks, squares, large shopping. And people on the streets are also changing. They wear bright colors, more pessimistically, even smile more often, probably because the weather is warm happy, gentle sun is shining, and the main thing - do not wear heavy clothes and shoes. Spring always inspires artists to create artistic masterpieces. As well, now that everyone can take a digital camera and make their great shots spring salon. But the most important thing to keep spring mood in the soul all year round!