Think of strange thing which happened to you. Send an email to your English pen friend telling him\ her about it надо написать сочинение на эту тему)) сам не могу решается оценка за четверть 2 или 3


Ответы и объяснения

Dear Ben,
I write this letter for you to tell you about strange thing which happend with me last week.
I was just sitting and reading a book. Hat came into the room. It moved on their own! I was so surprised. I was afraid because I thought that my hat is alive! I jumped up on a chair. I've been thinking what to do. Meanwhile hat ran across the floor. Then hat jump  on me. I closed my eyes and ... and when I opened my eyes I saw my cat. It turns out that he was under my hat! 
Were there any strange things with you?
                                                                                             With best wishes,
                                                                                               your (ваше имя)