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Про флоридскую пуму

The Florida puma is in the Red Book as “critically endangered”. In the 1970s there were about 20 Florida pumas in the wild nature. Now their number is about 100 - 160 animals. The Florida pumas live in the forests and swamps of southern Florida in the United States. The Florida pumas are not very big – they weig h 30 kilos (females), 50 - 70 kilos (males). Their total length is about 2 meters, shou lder height is 60 cm . The coat color is reddish. The Florida pumas eat small animals like hares, mice, deer, some birds and birds’ eggs. In the wild nature pumas live about 20 years. The reasons they are dying are: drying swamps, sport hunting, alligators, car accident. PEOPLE MUST HEL P FLORIDA PUMAS TO SURVIVE