Употребите глагол в скобках в Present Indefinite или Present Continuous.

The Lamberts __________ (live) about twenty-five miles from London. Mrs. Lambert __________ (work/not), she is a housewife. Mr. Lambert usually _____________ (get) home at six. He usually _____________ (take) the dog for a walk before dinner. At half past six the family ____________ (have) their dinner. Mr. and Mrs. Lambert sometimes ____________ (go) out after dinner. They both (оба) _____________ (like) the cinema, and _____________ (go) once or twice a week. Jenny ___________ (go) to evening classes twice a week. She ___________ (learn) Spanish. Sometimes they ____________ (visit) friends in the evening.

Now it is eight o'clock p.m. Mrs. Lambert ________ (wash) the dishes and Kate ____________ (help) her. Mr. Lambert _________ (watch) football on TV. Peter and Bill __________ (do) their homework. They have got a lot of homework for tomorrow.


Ответы и объяснения

1) live.
2) doesn't work.
3) gets.
4) takes.
5) have.
6) go.
7) goes.
8) leams.
9) visit.

1) is washing.
2) is helping.
3) is watching.
4) are doing.