Write what you have to/don`t
have to do at your school.
если напишете пустой ответ сниму балы
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на завтра надо


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I have to attend lessons at school.
I have to wear uniform in school.
I don't have to have good marks on some subjects.
I have to study well.
I have to do my homework every day.
I don't have to go to school on Sundays.
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1) I have to study poems by heart - я должен учить стихи наизусть
2) I have to wear uniform - я должен носить форму
3) I have to be in time at the lessons - я должен быть вовремя на уроках

4) I don't have to speak loudly at the lessons - я не должен громко разговаривать на уроках
5) I don't have to be late at school - я не должен опаздывать в школу
6) I don't have to wear jeans at school - я не должен носить в школу джинсы