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1. Wolfgang Goethe liked to travel around Weimer, his hometown, and scatter with the seeds of violets. There are still growing these flowers, and the townspeople call them violets Goethe.

1. Вольфганг Гете любил путешествовать по окрестностям Веймера, своего родного города, и разбрасывать при этом семена фиалок. Там до сих пор растут эти цветы, и горожане называют их фиалками Гете. 

2.Leonardo da Vinci was an inventor and an excellent cook.

Леонардо да Винчи был изобретателем и превосходным кулинаром. 
Former Ukrainian President Viktor Yushchenko is interested in breeding bees and has its own apiary. Besides Viktor has a collection of Ukrainian folk items, clothes, samples of Tripoli culture.Hobbies broadcaster Leonid Yakubovich is a collection of reference books and aviation Leonid Abramovich loves to get behind the wheel of the aircraft.Composer Vladimir Shainski gathers a collection of the inhabitants of the deep sea .Actor Alexander Shirvindt interested in collecting pipes .Appliance subjects adheres presenter Michael Shirvindt - he collects irons.Actor, bodybuilder and former California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger collected a whole fleet of cars Hummer. In his collection there is even a real tank .5th French President Jacques Chirac interested sumo wrestling and closely followed athletes on TV.German model Claudia Schiffer just loves insects. And in any form. Star House podium decorated with images of insects , even her collection of knitwear in 2011 was devoted to spiders .