Нужно составить объявление о продаже цифровой камеры на английском языке


Ответы и объяснения

Sell two-storey house at the Top of Berezovka, str. Дацанская. House Logs, one hundred fifty-squares with heating, light, water and hot and cold. There is a toilet in the house. There is a large bath and kitchen with two greenhouses hundred squares. In the seven hectare, while made only rough finish, but I already have steam room, a garage, a well and eighty meters. Clean air, good atmosphere, quiet район.Сам the house consists of four rooms plus an entrance hall and a corridor. Renovation горантирован. house furnished. In the yard is asphalt. Summer kitchen is in good condition. A large and spacious garage. And also there is a pigsty with pork. There are coop and worth it for the horses. There is a Spacious коровник.есть one warehouse and two storage rooms for accessories. Firewood included in the composition. Price: two million, five hundred fifty thousand roubles. Call us, visit us, you will love this house!
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