Помогите написати письмо другу что бы было приблизительно 100 слов


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Hello, Jane,

I haven't received any letter from you for two weeks. When I got your letter, it was very interesting for me to know what you had to stay.
So answering your questions.
I don't consider Easter to be a huge, gala holiday. I don't do anything special, we just buy an Easter cake, as do all people who celebrate Easter. How am I going to spend Easter holidays? Next Easter I am just going to have some fun walking in the forest very early in the morning. I enjoy my stroll when there is no people there. Isn't that cool?! It is!

Best regards,
Dear friend,

Thanks for your letter! I hope you are well. I waht to tell you about me now.

Now I am in the village with my family. I have a holiday. Every day I play with my friends and we go swimming. I do not watch TV a lot, but sometimes I watch. Before night I read a book or a newspaper. So I feel good.

And how are you? How is your family? Please, write me soon!

Best wishes,

( ИМЯ)
Не за что))