Английский! Помогите!надо перевести в косвенную речь)) (Не перевод на русс!!!)

Peter said to his little btother, "You must not open this door".
He asked, "Why do you always come home so late.
She asked, "Was this man a doctor"
Kate said to me, "I have finished your book.It was very interisng".
The teacher said, "The Earth goes round the moon".
The British Prime Minister said, " Russia is a great country".
My friend asked me, "Should I come to your place or stay at home?".


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Peter said to his little brother he had not open that door
He asked why I always came home so late
She asked if that man had been a doctor
Kate said to me she had finished my book and it had been very interisng
The teacher said the Earth went round the moon
The British Prime Minister said  Russia was a great country 
My friend asked me if he should  come to my place or stay at home
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