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I finally turned 15 years old! I wasn't sure what the day would bring,
so I rolled out of bed with more enthusiasm than usual to prepare for
school and... my birthday party! I floated through my classes as if in a
dream and let my mind wander, thinking about all of the possible
birthday surprises. When I got home, I was greeted by a brand new red

My dad and I have been riding mountain bikes and
motorbikes together for as long as I can remember, but before this bike,
I had never been able to ride beside my father as an equal. But getting
my own bike was that turning point. It was a coming of age gift, and my
father's acknowledgment that I was growing up.

The weekend after my
birthday my dad and I took our bikes to a place where we could ride.
That day I learned a lot in between the riding and falling and even some
breaking of motorbike parts. I can still remember the

look on my
dad's face the first time I started up my bike. Since then we have
shared something not many fathers and daughters are lucky enough to
have. I will be forever grateful for the bond between my dad and me, and
it is no surprise he feels the same way about me.


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What have your father and you been doing when you turned 15? Are you happy with that you have the bike?Does your father loves you? Do the scars still heart? What did you initially expect from the day of your birth?
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1. Did you go to school on your fivteenth birthday?
2. What were you presented with by your father?
3. Have you ever ridden a motorbike before?
4. Did you try your motorbike with your father?
5. What was the look on  your dad's face the first time you started up your bike?

1. Ты пошла в школу на свой пятнадцатый день рождения?
2. Что тебе подарил твой отец?
3. Ты раньше когда-нибудь ездила на мопеде?
4. Ты попробовала свой мопед со своим отцом?
5. Какое было выражение на лице твоего отца, когда ты первый раз завела свой мопед?