№ 1.закончите предложение
He used to live in London,...?
1)don't he 2)didn't he 3)wasn't he 4)did he

№2. закончите предложение используя данные варианты

When he ... the beach,he told the tourists what ...

1)reached,had happened 2)reached,was happening 3)reaches,happened 4)had reached,happened

№3 Распределите прилагательных в правильном порядке

She bought a ... vase in the auction

1)ceramic,beautiful,black 2)black, ceramic,beautiful 3)ceramic,black,beautiful 4)beautiful,black,ceramic

№4 найдите правильный ответ

Joe didn't play very well,and ...

1)neither did the others 2)neither do the others 3)so did the others 4)nor did the others

№5 Выберите правильные предложения

1)If I would have gone to London,I had seen Alex 2)If I'm sleepy,I'll drink a cup of coffee 3)If I pass my exams,I'll be happy 4)If dogs could talk,they would tell some interesting stories


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