- Where is Nick? – He 1 ______ (to go) to the University. His classes usually 2 ________(to begin) at 8. - Kate says she 3 ________ (not to go) for a walk until she 4 ________ (to do) her homework. - When the parents 5 ________ (to come) from the theatre yesterday evening, the children 6 ________ (to sleep). - Don`t make so much noise! Father 7 ____just______(to fall asleep). - I 8 ________ (to meet) my former schoolmate lately. I 9 ________ (not to see) her since we finished school. She 10________(not to change) at all. - 11 ___you ______ (to go) out last night, Tom? – Yes, I 12 ________ (to go) to the cinema, but I 13 __________ (not to enjoy) the film.1. (to go)


Ответы и объяснения

Will not go
Has done
Was sleeping
Has fallen
Have met
Have not seen
Has not changed
Did you go
Did not enjoy