Напиши по англиски как празнают новый год в Зеландии для 5 класс. Какие костюмы она носят, какую пищу едят т.к. д


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In New Zealand the main action begins on Christmas day when waking up in the morning 8-9 hours the whole house with family and friends come in large numbers , and they all tend to the kitchen for breakfast. For breakfast usually served ham, which is very carefully cut one of the family members. At the same time , New Zealanders and drink your first glass of local sparkling wine with floating pieces svezhepospevshiey strawberries ! For breakfast the next distribution of gifts . Despite the lack of Christmas decorations in many New Zealand homes are artificial Christmas trees - it was under them and add up all the presents . Interestingly, the Christmas tree in New Zealand is still not called a Christmas tree , and pohutukavu - local tree that is actively Christmas starts to bloom with bright red flowers. Gifts are usually distributed by a family member who dared to speak in the image of Santa Claus. In most families, surprise gifts are for children only. Adults , including husbands and wives give each other something " useful to the list " : gas cookers, requiring replacement , lawn with a large set of functions , shampoos , shower gels and socks. Practical New Zealanders are always happy to practical gifts, but when you get surprises, children enjoyed it more ! Among the gifts are also a lot of sweets and alcohol : local chocolate expensive brand scotch whiskey or just a souvenir bottle of New Zealand beer . On Christmas Eve , I saw an ad in the local paper from one of the churches , it said that the temple was happy to take on all comers unwanted Christmas presents and give them to those who need these things or else sell their product in the church , and the money - again - distribute to the poor ... After giveaways begins visit or reception of guests to the distribution of the same gifts. As guests are usually the closest relatives to celebrate Christmas with his family (eg , siblings) , or the children from his first marriage . In such visits adults usually do not exchange gifts - they get only children. In the main Christmas celebration begins the stomach during lunch , which usually served " cold food ." This is due primarily to the fact that Christmas in New Zealand is in the summer , and there are roast turkey in hot weather for New Zealanders do not really want to . So Christmas menu usually consists of several salads, bought in the supermarket ( another feature of New Zealanders - they are not preparing for the holidays for a few days , they are compared to us , we can say to them do not qualify !) . On the table is necessarily present "morning " ham and traditional New Zealand pickled beets . Perhaps someone diversifies festive menu with honey manuka smoked chicken. Of course, New Zealanders will entertain myself with something seafood : whether mussels, oysters , scallops or salad shrimp cocktail . And all finished dessert : traditionally served hot Christmas pudding , which is rich in dried fruits and nuts ( he, perhaps, is the most satisfying dish Christmas day ) , and all with the pleasure of enjoying fruit salad and possibly New Zealand famous dessert " Pavlova " ( with emphasis on the "O" ) , which was named in honor of the Russian ballerina Anna Pavlova . Interestingly, until the present day Australians and New Zealanders argue whose national dessert is " Pavlov ." I stick to a more traditional point of view - New Zealand ! Ends Christmas Day dinner of leftovers from lunch and breakfast . Then all " tired " (I quote the New Zealanders ) , go to sleep ... On New Year's Eve New Year's Eve in New Zealand even more interesting ! It says only the young and the most advanced part of the population. Some of my friends from a small town on the day flew to Auckland just to meet there the New Year, to be aware of fireworks and events , the first of January they had already returned home - enough work up ! Other familiar excitedly talked about their..