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Dear friends,
Do you get up early in the morning?My day begins very early,at 7.I have a shower,dress,have breakfast and run to school.My classes begin at 8 a.m.and finish at 4 p.m.But on Saturday and Sunday I have Sundays no school and get up at 9 or 10 o"clock.I love Sundays and Saturdays.I go to the cinema or to the park with my family or witch my griends and watch a lot of television.And you?What do you do at weekends?When do your classes begin and finish?
Bye for now,


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My say begins at 8. I have shower, dress, have breakfast, sometimes do my homework. Then I kiss my little sister and run to school. Lessons begin at 11 and finish at 4. On Saturday I have classes too, but on Sunday I relax. I walk with my dog, go to the cafe with friends, read books. Finally I play with my sister.
Bye, I'll see you soon!
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