Эссе на английском на тему почему в наше время все больше людей переезжают в город


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There are a lot of people, who like to live in city, but other peole prefer live in villige.

First of all  life in city are more interesting, then live in villige.Secondly in the citys people can find a job more easy then in villige. thirdly, in the citys living a lot of peoples and you can find a lot of friends.

But on the ather hand life in villige are more qutly then in citys. And in vilige air are more clear.

as for me i prefer live in the citys, becouse i'm youg and i find a enterteiment. But my peirents prefer live in the villige becouse they think about health.

In conclusion i can say that everyaone has ther own opiniop where is better to live. Some peoples likes citys other prefer live in villige.