Помогите написать письмо другу на английском языке
Только не про лето..)


Ответы и объяснения

Dear John,                                                                                                                Hello, very glad to receive your letter. Thank you for your letter and for your kind thoughts about me. I stayed with a reply to this letter, because it was very busy preparing for the exam. I'm sorry that not wrote.                                                        
 I am writing to tell you about my next winter holidays. I'm going to go to his grandmother in the village. She lives in the North, not far away there is a ski base, I very much want there. I since the childhood I go skiing, this is my favorite winter sport. Still there is a cable car with which you can jump off when the time is right and you're going skiing is just not feeling passed. How do you spend winter holidays? Where will you go?
 I 'm sorry I have to go help clean the house.                                                    
 With best wishes.