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The Three Musketeers: Athos, Porthos and Aramis - D'Artagnan friends, helped him in all associated with it `unbreakable ties and shared adventures, personifying a snazzy as D'Artagnan for a world ruled by honor, generosity and honesty - in contrast to the world Cardinal Richelieu. Dumas Musketeers gives all possible good qualities, sometimes turning them into stark realization of these qualities, instead of living and dynamic characters. However, linking them to this company, their loyalty to the code of honor and the true aristocracy of the Musketeers have a legend, do not lose their power over the reader's consciousness. Each of them is a mysterious romantic background. People of high birth, they are forced to hide their real names and reasons for them to become Musketeers. In the course of the past is revealed only AA (although extensions are known and novel stories P. and Ar.), Full of romantic tragedy: marrying a young and beautiful girl, which turned seductress and a thief, he brings her to sacrifice her honor and face masks noble Count de la Fera under the guise of the Royal Musketeers. P. and Ap. shrouded in mystery and extraordinary, and all attempts to d'Artagnan to penetrate this veil remain unsuccessful. As if burdened experienced, they are deprived of bravura and recklessly, which is peculiar to their fourth friend. Rather, they are more characterized by sadness and melancholy: Ap. are increasingly drawn to theology and dreams of becoming abbot, A. draws a cup of wine. The least romantic of them all remains the AP depicted a man rather narrow-minded and boastful. However, the required attributes - honor, dignity, sincere and deep devotion to his friends - and kept it for a good giant, constantly falling into the trap. The most tragic and at the same time the most exalted hero of Dumas A. "Beautiful body and soul," but "reserved, unsociable and taciturn," which places honor above all else, he is extremely meticulous and full of self-esteem. "Like fun for the sake of putting themselves under the bullet", as he does not value his life, Alexander recalls the sad knight, to whom assigned unearthly features. Complete contrast to A. & P. is the Ar.: Femininely beautiful, gentle, a little sugary and even hypocritical. For this soft shell, however, is hidden the extraordinary courage. Three characters complement each other, their union brings the author's idea of the ideal, which is the world of musketeers, and each new adventure just proves that the ideal of verified and robust.

сам выберешь что надо.просто мы сами писали про мушкеторов))и нам задавали очень много про них писать)