1. The Nile is ... river in the world.
A) the more longer
B) longer
C) long
D) the longest
E) the most longest

2. Put the sentence into the Past Simple Tense:
Our lesson ends at two o'clock.
A) Our lesson endes at two o'clock.
B) Our lesson is ending at two o'clock.
C) Our lesson did end at two o'clock
D) Our lesson will end at two o'clock.
E) Our lesson ended at two o'clock.

3. He's ... intelligent than I am.
A) is more
B) more
C) well
D) most
E) very
4. He ... when I saw him.
A) was not working
B) were not working
C) am not working
D) did not working
E) is not working

5. I have two boys, but ___ of them likes pop music.
A) both
B) some
C) all
D) none
E) either

6. The teacher is busy now. He ... a new grammar rule.
A) Is explaining
B) was explaining
C) explains
D) explained
E) has explained

7. We ... the room when they came to see us.
A) did cleaned
B) was cleaned
C) had cleaned
D) cleaned
E) were cleaned

8. The closer you are to the Equator, ... gets.
A) the hotter it
B) the more hotter it
C) hot it
D) the hottest it
E) the hot it

9. Choose the right variant of the possessive case:
A) Woman's hat
B) Hat's women
C) Hat's woman
D) Woman the hat
E) Womens' hat

10. Don't worry. I ___ be here to help you.
A) will
B) not
C) shall
D) shall not
E) won't

11. Change the sentence using the Past indefinite.
He tells us interesting stories
A) He is telling us interesting stories.
B) He telling us interesting stories.
C) He told us interesting stories.
D) He tolds us interesting stories.
E) He has told us interesting stories.

12. At this tomorrow we ___ an English lesson.
A)shall be having
B) shall have
C) had
D) have
E) were having

13. ____ this your watch? -Yes, it ____.
A) Are/are
B) are/ am
C) is/ is
D) is/ are
E) am/ are

14. Does ... know him?
A) nothing
B) anybody
C) somebody
D) nobody
E) anything

15. There are only ... fruit-trees in the garden.
A) much
B) a few
C) little
D) many
E) a little

16. How old ... when you got married?
A) shall be
B) will you be
C) are you
D) were you
E) had you been

17. When ... school?
A) did you left
B) you left
C) left you
D) you did leave
E) did you leave

18. We have ____ dictionaries here. Bring them from the library.
A) None
B) No
C) Every
D) Any
E) Some


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