1 а) Match the words.

to read sport

to send a newspaper

to decorate Christmas tree

to shake postcards

to do hands

b) Complete the sentences with the word combinations.

1. When the friends meet they,thay __________ __________.

2. When will you _________ _________? - On Christmas Eve.We bought new colourful balls yestarday.

3. Do you __________ _________? - Yes.i like running and riding my bike.

4. In Deceber people _________ _________ to their friends to congratulate with New Year and Christmas.

2. Complete the sentences.Circle the right letter.

1 His collection consists ... coins from different counteres.

a) from b) of c) in

2 There is a large skating rink ... the centre of the park every winter.

a) win b) at c)to

3 ... the 25th of December the British people celebrate Christmas.

a) In b) At c) On

4What holiday do thay have .... October?- Hallowen.

a) in b) at c) on

5 After Oxford the friends left... London,didn`t thay?

a) to b) for c) in

6) The old man came into the room,took ... his coat and sat in the armshair.

a) off b) down c) out

3 Complete the sentences.Fill in:an,is,are.

1 Where is Ann?- In the living room.She____ arranging flowers in the vase.

2 Why___ William crying?- He can`t find his ball.

3 What _____ you doing?-Sh-sh!It`s a surpruse.

4 The children ____ decorating the room for the Ney Year party .Will you help them?

5 Who____ singing?-My sister.

4 Make up sentences.

1. the/doing/now/What/are/students/? - __________________

2. Kerry/cake/Christmas/making/is/. - ___________________

3 now/not/doing/They/are/homework/their/. - _________________

4 it/Is/snowing/now/? - ______________

5 he/Why/reading/is/book/that/? - _________________

5. Copmlete the dialodgue.Use the Present Simple and the Present Contunuous.

Betty: Oh,what a funny photo!When diid take it?

Ben:Last year,at my shool`s new Year Eve party.

Betty: Who is playing the guitar? (play)

Ben: Duncan.He often _________ the guitar at the parties.(play) He can play the guitar very well.

Betty: What ________ the girls __________? (do)

Ben:They________ an old English snig.(sing) The girls perform on our Shool

Theatre.Look! Jim and Ann _______ (dance) They are good dancers.

They________ in our Shool Dancing Club.(dance)

Betty: I see.And what do you after classes?

Ben: I like taking photos.Do you like my photo?

Betty:It`s great!

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Ответы и объяснения

to read a newspaper
to send a postcard
to decorate Christmas tree
to shake hands
to do sport

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