6 Write a, an, the or Ø if there should be no article.0 Have you ever climbed __a__ mountain?
1 People generally speak _____ German in this part of Switzerland.
2 Girls just want to have..fun!
3 _____ weather forecast said it’s going to snow this afternoon.
4 How long have you been _____ architect?
5 Don’t lean your bike against the window. You’ll break _____ glass.
6 I don’t like _____ sport.
7 Have you ever stayed in _____ hotel?
8 She gave me _____ orange sweater.
9 Excuse me, do you know _____ exact time?
10 He ran out to help when he heard _____ screams.


Ответы и объяснения

  • marsyu
  • почетный грамотей