Скажите пожалуйста сочинение по английскому языку тема: Рождество в англии и америке)


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Christmas in modern Britain - is the most commercial holiday, which "feeds" sellers for the next year . Large stores , supermarkets and brands are starting to "bomb" consumer catalogs with lucrative offers and " superskidkami " since the end of September. And at the very beginning of the first autumn month on supermarket shelves can be found ready-made Christmas puddings ...
TV screens are full of bargains to buy this or that product or service for the holiday. With almost come more and more new suggestions and ideas to organize a celebration on the highest level , relax on the fashionable resort and so on. For all this fuss and excitement , many simply forget about the real "culprit" celebration - the baby Jesus and the appointment of the holiday : to celebrate and praise the birth of the Holy Child , who took care of all their sins and show the way to the immortality of the soul .
On Christmas Eve, crowds gather in Trafalgar Square , the main tree in England, where numerous local charities for children and adults with the singing of hymns . Roughly the same thing happens at Leicester Square , where the fun fair .
Residents and tourists can enjoy themselves in the carnivals and festivities in Coven Garden, exercise at the traditional Christmas swimming competition for the prize of Peter Pan , and then relax in the Hyde Park and the Serpentine pond .