Решите пожалуйста. Дорогие модераторы эта не олимпиада, эта ДЗ
Зарание спасибо)


Ответы и объяснения

1 упражнение:
1 had been canceled
2 was knited
3 has been built
4 is served
5 be revealed
6 was planted
7 was taken
8 will be sold
9 will be set
10 was built
2 упражнение
1 The parcel may not be delivered by them today
2 The housework has not been done by Jill yet
3 Wine is maken from grapes
4 The letters will be posted by children
5 Computers are used by a lot of children nowadays
6 He was hit on the head by her with a tennis racquet
7 The house is being cleaned by Tim
8 The suspects are being questioned by the police
9 The preparations have been made by Michael
10 Is Latin taught by them at this school?
The end^^)