Linkin Park - по домашке задали

Нам по английскому надо написать письмо про рок группу.
Я решил написать про Linkin Park
Мне надо: Кто принимал участие в концерте
Где он был
Ходил я с одноклассником (Саня)
Чем он мне понравился а чем нет
Можно на русском/или/на английском
Помогите письмо для контрольной


Ответы и объяснения

Linkin Park - an American alternative rock band . Founded in 1996 under the name Xero. Having been around since 1999 under the name Linkin Park, a group twice been awarded "Grammy" . The group has found success with their debut album in 2000 called Hybrid Theory, sold over 24 million copies [4] ( in 2010 he found "diamond " status , awarded RIAA). The next studio album , Meteora, repeated , though not surpassed the success of the previous , leading in 2003 to chart group was founded in 1996 by two classmates Mike Shinoda and Brad Delson (and who are now in the group) . Initially it was called SuperXero. Later they changed their name to Xero. It included Mike , Brad , Joe , Dave, Rob and Mark . Despite limited resources , they started recording some songs in Shinoda's bedroom , which became the first studio group. After the failure of many labels from the contract with the group, stress and dissatisfaction in it became more and more . Realizing that this group will have no future , Mark left the band in search of other projects. Dave Farrell also had to leave them , since his tour began another project . After the group came Chester Bennington ( and called him on his birthday on 20 March 1999 ) , the essence of the group was the other guys and changed their name to Hybrid Theory. Linkin Park officially began to act as a group in 2000 alone .