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Написать свое мнение о двух или трех фильмах которые вы смотрели Фильмы онлайн в Интернете

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Напишите свое мнение о двух или трех фильмах, которые вы смотрели
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                            My opinion of the Hunger Games.
Recently finished reading the trilogy " The Hunger Games ." The first part was great! It was breathtaking and was read in one breath ! The film was also gorgeous! The second part I read exactly the same , but in the end. . . probably at writer ( Susan Collins ) had some kind of shift or depression ! Although there is not a bad ending , but I was hoping to be "happily ever after ." Instead, what would be after reading the book inside Parkhai butterflies in my soul still stress and anxiety for the characters . The third part of the first two completely ruined . The only good news is that Katniss stayed with Pete.My opinion : Part 1 , top cool ! ! ! 2nd part - good , the third part of a complete