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Task 1

1. If our school had labs with up-to-date equipment, we would use the Internet at IT lessons.
2. If you had told me the truth, I would have not done it last time we met.
3. I wouldn't be in bed now if I hadn't eaten so much tinned fish yesterday.
4. I wish I had bought a bridal outfit designed by Gucci.
5. If I hadn't tied a bow, I wouldn't have looked ridiculous at yesterday's party.
Task 2

1. A button came off, as I was climbing the wall.
2. A terrible epidemic of AIDS came out in 20th century.
3. The Form Tutor asked one of the students to hand out the questionnaires.
4. I am scared. I am broken down with a flue.
5. Our TV hasn't broken down since it was fixed.
Task 3

1. The floor creaked, and the baby woke up.
2. It's time to get rid of pernicious habits.
3. Your clothes are in the bathroom.
Task 4

1. I am so tired. I can (hard/hardly) walk.
Я так устала. Я едва могу ходить.

2. He was (wrong/wrongly) punished for his behaviour.
Он был неправильно наказан за своё поведение.

3. How (high/highly) can you jump?
Как высоко ты можешь прыгать?

4. Today the team played (worse/worst) than yesterday.
Сегодня команда играла хуже, чем вчера.