Помогите пожалуйста написать мини рассказ с небольшими предложениями (предложений должно быть 6) на тему "Бездомные кошки и собаки должны жить в специальных местах"


Ответы и объяснения

Many years ago, the first domesticated animal. It was a dog. With most of these times the dog lives, dwells everywhere on all continents next to a man. Most importantly the use of dogs, most likely, it was combined with hunting. Hunting dogs, helped man to hunt, gather food. It is also known that dogs grazed flocks, so there was one of the most famous rock - Shepherd. In some powers from ancient times the dog was the subject of deification. For example, in Egypt the dead animals set headstones, the Persians, the man who killed the dog, and believed the offender was punished cruelly, and the Greeks respected her as an idol. Physiologists are one of the smartest dogs domesticated animals. Their speed, stamina, sharp mind delight. Many legends and myths exist about the loyalty of these four-legged friends. Pictures of dogs can be seen on ancient money, murals, mosaics. Old poets sang their verses. Now, perhaps, there are no spheres of human activity, in which the dog would not be a faithful companion. Increasingly, you can see the dog on this paper: disasters, avalanches, drug control, explosives Retrieving army. Suffice it to recall that even in the conquest of space meaning the dog was not the last. Just the way they blaze Gagarin into space. Dogs often save a man's life, work

melt and help rescuers dog handlers. [1. № 1. "Our friend the dog" V.Chaplina] One of the primary qualities of the dog is released perfect scent for which dogs and appreciate the most. Prevent huge amount of explosions, save thousands of human lives were able dogs service dog. Than the gain makes the rhythm of our life, the more a person needs to have a close with a loyal four-legged friend. Psychologists have noticed by a beneficial effect on the situation in the dog house. House has a beloved pet smoothes disorders, irritability and conflict. It's no secret that the population of stray dogs is increasing every year. Unfortunately, very often a man's desire to get a four-legged friend disappears after the onset of the financial and other difficulties. And is it any wonder that the Army rejected friends turns into a pack of the enemy? And this is just one of many toothy problems that threaten humans. It is known that our turbulent times spawned a fashion for dogs patrol and fighting breeds. And these lovely creatures genetically "coached" to attack humans. Moreover, they basically can not be represented as lapdogs and IGs. While in the yard, where children play in the apartment, on the street, they are under constant stress and can become uncontrollable and aggressive. Since ancient times, cats and dogs were tamed and domesticated by man, they are currently not able to take care of themselves and need constant human care and supervision. Homeless animals are doomed to starvation, disease and wandering (worms, fleas, dezbakteriozy, lichens, ear mites, conjunctivitis, eczema, etc.). Of special note is the problem of injured animals. Many drivers of road transport, which is becoming more and more, not even stopping leave, knocking the dog or cat. Animal remains

suffer on the road waiting for help ...