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Hi. have you ever eatten exotic fruits? for example I and my relatives love exotic fruits. My favourite fruit is mango,papaya and dragon fruit. I ate is last summer,but I seldom eat it on winter. Every day I usually eat soup. Its good for my health. in school I have for dinner cakes,chips and juice. My classmates eat it too.
Получилось довольно примитивно,но думаю сойдёт
There is a great variety of food you need to try in your life. Probably, it will be helpful to make a list... My dish number one is a beef or veal steak with blood. This is a very tender piece of meat and you can also drizzle some cheese on it, so that this  meal becomes a masterpiece. Another type of meat I urge you to taste is raw meat, namely: carpaccio and steak Tar-tar. It is also very tender and it melts in your mouth. However, you might be not be a great meat-lover. In this case, you can concentrate on fruit and vegetables. But you need to try them when they are at the peak  of ripeness, otherwise, you won't enjoy them as much as you should. I'm sure that food plays a major role in people's lives. And what I mean by this is not that it is a necessity for people to eat everyday, but that the proper choice of food can make your life more joyful. And when you are an old man or woman, you are not sorry for what you've eaten during your life.