Помогите написать рассказ о пользе и вреде интернета на английском. Срочно! Пожалуйста!


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The full computerization of a country is impossible to avoid. Today computers are used on a production, in the offschools and flats. Children, which can’t read and write yet, already strongly use this wonder machine, playing on it for hours. The last researches showed that computers don’t make us more healthy and with the wrong use can give an irreparable harm. The sharp competition in the computer world has devided opinions about this question. Computer producers assert that computers are absolutely unharmful. At that time protection remedies producers have an other opinion.Women and children were found to be the most subjected to the computer interaction. There is an interesting information that the active brain working men least of all inclined to the harmful influence. Probably they are just carried away with the work and don’t pay attention to their health enough. But statistics is a statistics.People, which earn with the work on a computer, have the greatest part of health complaints on muscles and joints diseases. Mostly this is simply neck torpor, soulders and loins pain or legs pricking. But there can be more serious diseases. The most prevailing is carpal tunnel syndrome. In this case arm nerves are damaged with the frequent and long work at the computer. The most hard form of this syndrome is pains that deprive human efficiency. All of this shows the necessity of your own health care, of keeping the sanitary regulations. Computer work is very interesting, perspective and necessary for all civilized countries, but we need healthy and efficient people. BENEFITS The benefits are easier reasearch, better gaming, it's easier to comunicate with, it makes business better, it makes it easier to shop,etc. The computer is a computing machine, it offers all benefits of a good well calibrated machine. A computer can repetitively compute without making mistakes (accuracy). A computer is not biased. A computer is quicker in doing assigned tasks since it takes help of Integrated Circuits to process. basically every job, except strict manual labor requires technical skills. if you dont know how to use a computer to communicate within your company and with other companies you are worthless and nobody will hire you. the only way to learn computer skills is to use one. really there are two main benefits of the computer,the first one is regarding computer without internet and the second one is regarding computer with internet. Fitst:Computer only(without internet) 1-In Business: -Write ur documents or researches(using microsoft word). -planning ur projects(using for example premavira). -Studying. -Translating words from language to another using multilanguage dictionaries. -Calculation of complicated math equation. -economical uses -Graphic work(corel draw,phtoshop) -Multimedia Direction(Cyberlink PowerDirector,Ulead Video Studio) 2-In Entertainment -Listening to music -watching movies -playing games 3-Scientific uses -Medical such as in anatomy -Civil Engineering such as Autocad,Solidcad,WaterCad -Mining engineering such as Surface Deformation Prediction Software -Mechanical engineering(SolidCad) -Electrical Engineering (electric cycle programs) Second Computer With Internet: 1-Connect to many people all over the world. 2Stay up to date with what happening in the whole world. 3-Reading the news,international news,local news,scientific news,sport news,medical news and crime news. 4-Stay up to date with the new technology and information. 5-Study and download scientific researches 6-Manage ur work form ur office or home 7-Talk to person u know and live in another country for free. 8-Chating. 9-Buy what ever u need and can't find in local shops. 10-Solve ur problems. 11-Find answers of most common issues. 12-Repair ur car(by share ur problem with others in some forums & many sites provide this service). 13-Stay contacted with new car.