Task 1.Fill in the blanks with the following verbs: get/getting, go/going, watch/watching, rain/raining, drive/driving.

1.What time do you usually… up in the morning?

2.Where are you…?- To the shop.

3.Did you… television last night?

4.Put up your umbrella. It’s… .

5.The police stopped her because she was… the car too fast.

Task 2.Choose the correct answer for each of the sentences:

1.If his nose were smaller, he … very handsome. a) would be b) was

2.I would come if I … a car. a) would have b) had

3.If she hadn’t told him, he … . a) will never find out b)would have never found out

4.If I … about it, I would have told you. a) know b) had known

5. I wish I … win the competition. a) could b) have

6. He wishes we … good friends. a) are b) were

Task 3. Choose the correct modal verb for each of the sentences:

1.When I was 5, I … speak English. a) can b) will be able to c) could

2.Kate is a very talented girl. She… sing and dance. a) could b)can c) was able to

3.I think I… to the party on Friday. a) will able come b) will be able to come c) will come

Task 4. Turn the following sentences into reported speech using the words in brackets:

1.”You should go to the doctor.” ( my mum/advise)

2.”Open the window,please.” ( our teacher/ ask)

3.”Don’t be late!” ( his dad/ tell)

4.”Let’s go to the theatre.” ( my friend/ suggest)


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