когда у вас день рождения?
22 марта

Ответы и объяснения

My birthday is on the 22nd of March.My birthday is a very remarkable day for me.In the morning my parents come to my room and sat "Happy Birthday!".They give me presents. I enjoy getting them . I usually have my birthday party  at home. I invite my friends and relatives to my party.My mother makes cakes, lays the table and waits for the guests.my friends and relatives come to congratulate me and I am glad to see them.They bring me flowers, books and sweets as birthday presents .during the party we sing songs, dance, make jokes and talk about our life. Next year I would like to get a note-book .I enjoy my birthday party
написала про девочку, если ты мальчик зачеркни flowers, sweets
Спасибо, я девочка)