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In the  summer I with my dad and mom went to Ispaniyu.Tam we went to Aqueduct - the most famous monument of Segovia and one of the most famous monuments of the Roman period in Spain. Aqueduct is covering Plaza.Potom we went to the botanical gardens of La Rioja provdnik said that garden area of 20 thousand square meters and nemmnogo derevev.Etot beautiful botanical garden founded by Antonio Bartolome. He began his work in 1980, but officially Botanical Garden was opened in 2005
How it began? As always long thought and puzzled over how to spend New Year and so that it wasn't boring and so that without Russian salad and New Year's sparks on TV. Options was weight, there was a wish that and it isn't so cold, and not really hot, as a result stopped on Spain.Thanks Sharke Global, quickly was issued by visas without problems, booked and bought tickets to Barcelona, reserved the car, took away it directly at the airport. Unpleasant efforts really remained are unnoticed.
 In Barcelona took the car, drove across Barcelona - the beautiful city a little, but it is the story not about it, therefore further... And further on the high-speed route we brought quickly to Madrid. The prevention to all travelers, planning to spend New Year in Madrid, be not put in the center by car. We didn't know that the center block and on December 31 when tried to drive up to the hotel in the center, couldn't get anywhere. Tried to go round, everywhere the jams, all center is blocked, people rush crowds, generally, full-scale celebrations in the megalopolis to the full extent!
 Well, anything, left the car in underground municipal garage on all night long and went to hotel on foot. Don't do it never! Yes the car in safety, but for the morning from us requested 40 euros. On the street the parking via the machine gun will cost at most 4 euro and since the car is insured, there is no need to worry about it and to overpay? Certainly next day we parked at hotel...
 Madrid the city not small, celebrations really grandiose to be mistaken where there are people it is impossible. Us brought on a central square - the sun area where passed the main action.At Spaniards it is accepted to meet new year quite so: to take to the streets, to drink to walk, drink songs, someone gathers in clubs, in numerous bars and practically nobody notes in a silent family circle.
 And when start beating bells on hours of municipality, it is accepted to eat under each fight of a vinogradinka. You eat, you make wish and in new year they are by all means executed! Всзвязи with this tradition enterprising Hindus this night, sell small bags with grapes, provide so to speak fulfillment of desires of everyone at the similar price. We too were tempted, perhaps and, however, will come true.
 When punched exactly 12, in air pyrotechnics tons soared up, I won't remember such long and grandiose salute in Russia, perhaps, Spaniards didn't stint it. That you won't tell about a fir-tree in the area center. That is a fir-tree, we understood not at once, probably, only after the second bottle of champagne (it, by the way, can be carried by in the center only in plastic container). Metal design, a conic form, from thin rods to which clean, triangular sheets of plastic are fastened, it isn't really similar to a New Year tree. Neither spheres to you, nor garlands, tinsel with crackers, probably, to the Russian person it is simple not habitually and we took for granted.
 Generally speaking, it was very cheerful, all greet with each other, get acquainted, photographed, here and we found new friends, but it already another story altogether. ) )