Раскройте скобки, употребляя глаголы в одном из следующих времен: Present Continuous, Present Simple, Past Simple или Future Simple. 1. Mother (to cook) a very tasty dinner yesterday. 2. Tomorrow Nick (not to go) to school. 3. Look! My friends (to play) football. 4. Kate (not to write) letters every day. 5. You (to see) your friend yesterday? 6. Your father (to go) on a business trip last month? 7. What Nick (to do) yesterday? 8. When Nick (to get) up every morning? 9. Where your mother (to go) tomorrow? 10. I (to invite) my friends to come to my place tomorrow. 11. He (not to play) the piano tomorrow. 12. We (to see) a very good film last Sunday. 13. Your mother (to cook) every day? 14. We (to make) a fire last summer. 15. I (to spend) last summer at the sea-side. 16. Where you (to spend) last summer? 17. Where he (to spend) next summer? 18. What mother (to do) now? — She (to cook) dinner. 19. I (not to play) computer games yesterday. 20. Last Sunday we (to go) to the theatre. 21. I (to (meet) my friend yesterday. 22. I (to write) a letter to my cousin yesterday. 23. You (to write) a dictation tomorrow? 24. I (not to write) a report now.


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1. cooked

2. isn't going to

3. are playing

4. doesn't write

5. did you see

6. did your father go

7. did Nick do

8. does Nick get up

9. is your mother going

10. invited

11. won't play

12. saw

13. does you mother cook

14. made

15. spent

16. did you spend

17. is he going to

18. is your mother doing

19. wasn't playing

20. went

21. met

22. wrote

23. did you write

24. am not writing



Mother cooked a very tasty dinner yesterday.
Tomorrow Nick didn`t go to school.
Look! My friends are playing football.
Kate doesn`t write letter every day.
Did you see your friend yeasterday.
Did your father go on a business trip last month?
What did Nick do yeasterday?
When does Nick get up every morning?
Where will your mother go tomorrow?
I shall to invite my friends to come to my place tomorrow.
He will not to play the piano tomorrow.
We made a fire last summer.