My Friend and bis/her family

This is friend.

____________ name is __________________ .

____________has got a ____________family.

____________has got a __________________,

________________and ___________________.

____________has got ____________________,


But____________hasnt got ________________



Ответы и объяснения


My friend and his family

This is friend.

His name is (имя).

He has got a big family.

Ha has got a mother, a father and a granma.
Also he has got a cat.

But he hasnt got a dog. 

  • marsyu
  • почетный грамотей

_Her___________ name is ____Alisa______________ .

_____She_______has got  a ___nice________family.

______Alisa______has got a __mother________________,

___father_____________and __little____brother_____________.

__He __________has got _a __toy dog_________________,

___Alisa has got a computer____________________________________.

But__she__________hasnt got ____a new____________

___ mobile phone____________________________________.