Помогите написать проект на английском "мой дедушка нуждается в помощи" 10 предложений


Ответы и объяснения

Soon, soon New year!
He hurries, all right!
It will be knocked at doors to us:
Children, hello, I to you!

We celebrate a holiday,
We decorate a Christmas tree,
We hang up toys,
Balls, crackers …

Father Frost will come soon!
To us gifts will bring -
Apples, candies …
Father Frost, well where you?

Last Sunday early in the morning, about six o'clock in the evening, I was all sails through the mountains, when suddenly met with two riders in the carriage sitting horse riding on a mule, and asked them if they knew exactly what hour date of the wedding bill Хэннефорда, whose funeral yesterday in our Church. They replied that know me better ask my grandmother's grandfather.

- And where can I find it? - I asked.

- Simple, they said. He lives in a brick house of whole logs, which stood alone among the sixty exactly the same.

"Really simple, " I said.

- It is that simple, " they said.

And I went.

Grandma grandpa was a giant, but not just a giant giant out of the bottle. Just that, and he climbed into the bottle. When I arrived, he probably just jumped out of the bottle.

- How are you? "he asked me.

- Thank you, very well, " I replied.

"You want me Breakfast?

- With great pleasure, " I replied.

He bought me a slice of beer and a mug of cold veal, and the dog sat under the table and picking up the pieces.

"Shoo! I said to her.

- For what? - said the giant. - It yesterday caught me for dinner hare. If you do not believe, come, I will show you.

And he took me into the garden. In the end of the garden was sitting in the nest Fox, высиживала eagle eggs. In the midst of the garden grew iron Apple tree, covered with ripe pears. And at the other end of the cart sat living hare, whose giant ate yesterday for dinner.

By ran deer, and suddenly I remembered that in my pocket is the onion. I cocked it, powder and shot an arrow. Up jumped a flock of quail. They say I killed eighteen pieces, but I know that thirty-six, not including smoked salmon, which flew at this time over the bridge. And I got out of it the best Apple pie, what you only ever tasted.

Come, I'll show you something!