Прочитайте 2 текста и запишите к ним вопросы, используя оборот there + to be.

Donna Walton

Donna's an English teacher. She's not rich and she's not famous. Her house is small and there's no pool. There are three bedrooms in the house. Donna's car is old. It's slow and uncomfortable. There's no radio or cassette player in her car. There's an engine, a steering wheel, and there are four wheels and two doors. Donna isn't happy. She'd like a big house, a new car and a lot of money.

Zack Zebedee.

Here is a rock star. He's very rich and famous. His house is large and there's a swimming pool in the backyard. There are ten bedrooms in the house. Zack's car is new. It's fast and comfortable. In his car there is a climate control system, a CD player, a VCR, a phone and fax machine. But Zack is not happy. He'd like a small house, a small car and a family with two kids.


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Is there  a swimming pool in Donna's house(Zack's house)?

How many bedrooms are there in Donna's/Zack's house?

What is there in Donna's/Zack's car?

is there an engine in Zack's car?

Are there 4 or 2 doors in Donna's car?

how many weels are there in Donna's car?