Написать Рассказ на английском языке О своём любимом цветке(про лили или розу)Помогите срочно! 8-10 предложений


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Lily can not hit its exquisite and delicate beauty of this flower and millions of loyal fans worldwide. History lily as mysterious as the flower itself , and is full of exciting events . No wonder Lily is a frequent guest emblems , symbolic paintings, and itself becomes a complex character with a multi-faceted value.
Name of a flower has its origin in drevnegallskomu language and represents the perfect white. Historical sources lily image began to appear even in ancient times , some lily paintings dated 1700 BC Particular importance was the lily flower in Ancient Greece. According to Greek mythology, the lily as a gift sent to earth goddess Hera . Since then, the flower came to symbolize innocence and purity of thought , closeness to God.
Lily Starfighter ( grade " Starfinger " ) : Lily Starfighter ( with ) Dutch Gardens In ancient Rome, in a lily was a completely different meaning - a lily symbolized material luxury, wealth and success . Lily all richly decorated houses of wealthy citizens of Rome. For a noble Roman lilies around a huge amount was as an essential attribute for both our wealthy contemporaries confirmation status is auto insurance comprehensive insurance .
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