Составить рассказ о домашнем животном (о кошке) 5 предложений примерно.


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I have got a pet. It is a cat. Its name is Murka. It is white and black. Murka is a nice and clever cat. I like to play with Murka. I always give Wiskas and Kitty-Kat to my cat

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A lot of people all over the worls have pet, some of them keep usual pets as cats a, dogs or fish, but some keep really unusual for example spiders or even tigers and monkeys. As for me I love cats very much, so i keep a cat as a pet, its name is Bonia. Bonia is a very special cat he has greet eyes, long, fluffy white hair and a really long tail. He's very friendly so we spend much time together playing with a ball or with a bow. He's also very clever and i teach him different commands.He has already become one of my best friends. I love him and I know that he loves me too.