Пмогите пожалуйста написать рекламу о каком либо предмете или мероприятии на английском...


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Our yard is a huge rock on the grass. At first I thought (a) That is currently the stone takes just the right place on the playground. A few weeks into our local housing department settled Uncle Vanya, he worked as an artist. Very beautiful painting depicts Uncle Vanya. And every day our children's courtyard was changing before our eyes. Hemp became different animals, bright and colorful, the walls on the houses - as images of the books. Bright fairy tales began to decorate and our rock. On one side of Little Red Riding Hood, on the other, Baba Yaga, the third seven dwarfs, with the fourth - a huge palm. Local kids even came up with the name of the stone - the stone of miracles. Came up with a belief, if you put your hand to the painted palm and make a wish, it is necessary to pass. So now I have changed (a) the view does not waste rock and desired. Let it gives people hope for the
маловато......но все равно спасибо)
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