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If I go shopping, I will buy a lot of new clothes!
If it rains this evening, I will stay at home.
If I late, I will miss something interesting.
If I need any help, I will try to solve my problem by myself.
If I meet my friend in the street, I will say "Hi!" to him.
If you have any time, I will spend it with pleasure!
If I am busy, I will tell my parents not to disturb me.



1. If my mother asks me to buy some sugar and bread, I will go to the supermarket.
2. If my friend asks to help him, I will help him.
3. If I go to St. Petersburg, I will go to museums.
4. If the weather is cold, I will put on a scarf and a coat.
5. If my mother asks me to prepare dinner, I will ask my sister to do it.
6. I will have to go to bed if I feel bad.
7. If it is not cold, my friend will go to the skating-rink?
8. I will go to the seven-o'clock show if I am free.