1.we cut down trees with ... a) a saw b) a knife c) a hammer d) scissors
2.we cut paper or cloth with ... a) a saw b) a fork c) a hammer d) scissors
3.we don't need ... when we eat. a) a fork b) a knife c) a spoon d) scissors
4.thermometr measures the air ... a) freshness b) pessure c) temperatur d) pollution
5.The opposite of the word "upwards" is ... a) downwards b) downside c) downtown d) downstream
6. "To look blue" means to ... a) be happy b) be tired c) be sad d) have bruises on your body
7. You are so ... . Pease, stop telling me what to do all the time! a) boastful b) bossy c) sensitive d) easygoing
8. Which word can be joined with the suffix "ship"? a) worker b) friend c) boat d) boss
9. ... made. ... berry. ...mail. ... down. ... worw. ... fall. ... board. ... proof. ... sick. ... fast - a) home b) black c) break d) water


Ответы и объяснения

1. C
2.  D
3.  D
4. C
5. A
6. C
7. B
8. B

homemade, blackberry, blackmail, breakdown, homework, waterfall, blackboard, waterproof, homesick, breakfast