Раскройте скобки,употребляя глагол вРаскройте скобки,употребляя глагол в форме Past Simple или в Past Continuous.
1.We (to leave) the party when he (to arrive).
2.What they (to do) when you (yo see) them?
3.when he (to come) to see me, I (to have) a bath.
4.I (to read) a book when I (to hear) the nois.
5.They (to have) supper when he (to visit) them.
6.We (to sit) here yesterday when he (to pass).
7.She (to cross) the road when she (to see) the accident.
8.I (to cross) the present when mmy friend (to enter) the shop.
9.When my aunt (to go) home,she (to lose) her purse.
10.His brother (to sleep) when he (to leave).
11.They (to wait) for me at five о'clock yesterday.
12.What he (to do),when you (to arrive)?
13.It (to snow) when I (to go) out.
14.Who (to come) in when you (to translate) an article ?
15.When they (to play) in my room, they (to find) my notebook.


Ответы и объяснения

1. We were leaving the party when he arrived. 2. What were they doing when you saw them? 3. When he came to see me, I was having a bath. 4.I was reading a book when I heard the noise. 5.They were having supper when he visited them. 6.We were sitting here yesterday when he passed. 7.She was crossing the road when she saw the accident. 8.I was choosing the present when my friend entered the shop. 9.When my aunt was going home,she lost her purse. 10.His brother was sleeping when he left. 11.They were waiting for me at five о'clock yesterday. 12.What was he doing, when you arrived? 13.It was snowing when I went out. 14.Who came in when you were translating an article ? 15.When they were playing in my room, they found my notebook.