Очень при очень надо решите плиззз а не то ЗАВТРА КОНТРОЛЬНАЯ!!!!!!!!


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52/1-Shekespeare2- Lennon 3-Agatha 4- Doyle 5-Dickens 6- Tolkien 7- Defoe
53/1-Arthur Conan Doyle - is the famous Engish writer.He wrote 4 novels and 54 staries about Sherlock Holmse and another(others).2-The novel about 
Robinson Crusoe's adventures was very popular.3- What is the book do you read recently?-About Harry Potter. 4-Do you like read?5-Wtat is your favourite book?Yes,I'd kike read.But,I haven't favourite book.I like read books about adventures.5-My mather red me fairy tale,when I was small.(P/s переводила сама:3)