Сроооочноо!!!!,твір на 14 речень англійською мовою на тему здоровя


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Now health plays a huge role in our lives. Keep health need in childhood, and the disease is easier to prevent than to cure. In order not to get sick, it is necessary to maintain their health. We may take this irresponsible because you just can not imagine what it is - go blind. My grandmother always said that when she was young and healthy, could not sit idle minutes, eager to do something. When grabbed disease, was not that something is incomplete. To maintain a healthy lifestyle you need to follow the rules. This requires a bit: eat beneficial, exercise, spend time outdoors, and a positive attitude to life. Scientists say that people with a sense of humor live longer and suffer less. If people were more attentive to themselves and their health, they have less time to spend in hospital. Remember that health should be protected because the money did not buy.