Use the proper article. Pay attention to the use of the article with nouns denoting parts of the day: 1) Late in... afternoon they went back to London. 2) It was such... cold and windy night that we had to look for shelter. 3)....morning was breaking when we started. 4) It happened on... very day of his arrival. 5) It was .... evening when we parted at last. 6) It has been... wonderful evening for me. 7) It is pleasant to go to the country on...warm summer day. 8) .....night was so wet that no one was about. 9).....morning was perfect. 10) It is....early morning. 11).....night was silent. 12) I thought it was... morning. 13) It was.... late night when he arrived. 14).....evening was still and warm. 15) It all happened early in....morning. 16) What....exciting day it has been! 17) It is....last day that we are together. 18) We arrived there late morning we were to begin our work. 19) It was.... day to tempt one out-of-doors-cool and bright.


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1) Late in the afternoon
2) Such a cold and windy 
3) A morning
4) On a very
5) An evening
6) A wonderful
7) A warm summer
8) A night
9) A morning
10) an early 
11) a night
12) a morning
13) a late night
14)an evening
15) a morning
16) an exciting
17) the last
18) the night the next
19)the day