Form the nouns from the adjectives in brackets and complete the sentences Is there any ... that we can heip her?(Possible) She has got the Noble Prise for her ... (Active) There was no ... in his actions.(Regular) People of different ... live in Russian. (National) It was walk the dog. (Responsible) Translate the words into Russian : activity, possiblity, responsiblity, regularity, similarity, speciality. Make guestions for these sentences. Start with the words in brackests. 1. These book are used inside the library. (Where) 2 After two hours the books are returned to the Desk. 3.Short loan books are also borrowed overnight two hours before the library closes (What) 4. Fines of 50p hour per book are charged for late returns.(What) СРОЧНО, ПОЖАЛУЙСТА, НАПИШИТЕ!!!


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Is there any possibility that we can help her? Есть возможность помочь ей?

She has got the Noble Prise for her activity. Она получила Нобелевскую премию за свою деятельность.

There was no regularity in his actions. В его действиях нет регулярности.

People of different nationalities live in Russia. В России живут люди разных национальностей.

It was his responsibility to walk the dog. Это его обязанность выгуливать собаку.

Activity - деятельность; possibility - возможность; responsibility - ответственность; regularity - регулярность; similarity - сходство; speciality - специальность.

1. Where are these books used?

2. When are the books returned to the desk?

3. What is borrowed before the library closes?

4. What is charged for late returns?