Robin HoodIn 1191, King Richard the Lion-heart of England went on the 3rd Crusade. He had a big army, tents and a lot of horses. He was (1)___a long time and his brother Prince John ruled for him. Prince John (2)___not a religious man. He hated his brother Richard and didn't want him to come (3)__to England. He wanted Richard to die in battle. Prince John wanted to be King! Prince John was not a generous person and the crusade was (4) ___ expensive. He ordered the (5)___ of England to pay heavy taxes. Prince John's sheriffs collected the taxes. They also took castles and land from the nobles (6) ____ were loyal to King Richard. Most of the people (7)___very poor. A lot of people couldn't pay the taxes. Some went to prison and others went to live in the forests. Robin Hood's real (8) _______ was Lord Locksley. When he returned from the crusades his father was (9) and he had no castle and no lands. Robin went to live in Sherwood Forest. Robin met a (10) _______ of people there. He decided to form a band of men to fight the Sheriff of Nottingham. Everybody hated the Sheriff! In a short time Robin had a hundred(11) ___, twenty-five women and thirty-seven horses with him. A small army! He had three very good (12) ____: Little John, Friar Tuck and Alan-A-Dale.


Ответы и объяснения

1) gone
2) was
3) back
4) ?
5) people
6) who
7) were
8) name
9) ?
10) group
11) men
12) archers