помогите плиз написать сказку о мартышке и крокодиле на английском


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Far in wood there lived wood cheerful animals. But here, a trouble! People have constructed main road on which many cars began to go. As road to pass, wood inhabitants don't know. Have thought up to open country boarding school «Road and we», to study traffic regulations.
Among animals there was an amusing bear cub of Mishutka. It each time with pleasure came on lessons. Мишутка already knew that such a traffic light and for what it is necessary. When it asked. He all pompously told and explained: if red light burns is is life-threatening and it is impossible to pass road. Yellow lights up – prepare for movement and when green light safely go to a way burns.
Once Mishutka hasn't gone to school. On the fringe of the forest dews an old oak, round it flied and bees buzzed. Very much it wanted to bear cub to try to honey. But bees were turned by a plenty near to a bear cub, and one bee has painfully bitten Mishutku for an ear. The bear was frightened and with a roar has escaped. On its way there was a wide road on which cars quickly rushed. Мишутка ran that to the right, to the left, searched for a traffic light to pass through road. But a traffic light anywhere nearby wasn't. The bear cub stood on the brink of road and didn't know what to do. Tears have swept from his eyes and from a fright he has loudly begun to roar. It became terrible and home it would be desirable, and road is afraid to pass.
Just at this time animals came back from country boarding school. Услыхали a roar of Mishutki, have run to it. They have understood, in what business. To a bear cub have told that today at a lesson studied. On road happens so that a traffic light nearby can and not to be but to pass road, it is necessary to find the foot path similar to a zebra. Animals have found a striped path and have shown its Mishutke. Then all together safely have passed road. Мишутка has thanked the friends and has promised that will never miss lessons at country boarding school and will learn all traffic regulations.