Ответы и объяснения

1) I read books in the evening
2)I don't read books in the morning
3)I am writing an exersice now
4)I am not writing a letter now
5)They are playing in the yard now
6)They are not playing in the street now
7)Are they playing in the room now?
8)He helps his mother every day
9)Does he help his mother every day?
10)He doesn't help his mother every day
11)Do you go to school on Monday? 
12)My friend doesn't like to play football
13)I am not reading now
14)Is he sleeping now?
15)We don't go to the country in winter
16)My sister eats sweets every day
17)She is not eating sweets now
18)They do their homework in the afternoon
19)They don't go for a walk in the evening
20)My father doesn't work on Sunday
21)He works every day

1)They read many books
2)Do they read many books?
3)They don't read many books
4)The children are eating soup now
5)Are the children eating soup now?
6)The children are not eating soup now
7)Do you play volley-ball well?
8)When will you play volley-ball?
9)What will Nick do in the evening?
10)Will he go to the cinema in the evening?
11)We don't dance every day
12)Look!Kate is dancing
13)Does Kate sing well?
14)Where will he go in the morning?
15)He doesn't sleep after dinner
16)My granny is sleeping