№1which places in your town are visited by tourists? make a list

(какие места в вашем городе посещаются туристами? составьте список)

№2write about it . where are they? when were they built? what is interesting about them?(писать об этом . где они? когда они были построены? что интересно о них?)


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I*ll tell you about Armenia.Armenia is one of the oldest countries in the world.The capital of Armenia Yerevan,early used to Erebuni.One of the ciy was Ani,but now it belongs to Tyrkey.There are remains of  kilia kingdom,where the armenians in the 11-12 centuries had access to the Mediterranean Sea.There are now the Kurds,who still haven*t got their territory.In the center of Yerevan there is the square of Mesrop Mashtoth,it used to be the square of Lenin.

There used to be Lenin*s  statues.

 Nowadays there are beutiful buildings and colorful,singing fantans.This is a favorite place for tourists